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This page is for my blog posts for ideas for slaves bonds, kajira, and others for by the book gor. Links to my blog posts are below! Enjoy!

The Bush of Thorns BTB

Rain Down On Me

Terrible Little Things 

I See The Real You

Ly-O-Lay Ale Loya

Little Things that Kill

Break Up With Him

Gonna Wanna Tonight

I'll Stay True

Its Time To Set Me Free

My Biscuits 

I Am In Stitches

Wondering the Lands

In Need of Paradise

Calculate Our Embrace

Come With Me Honey

Be My Lollipop!

Make Me High

The Working Bond- A Rare Thing

Battle Sluts

Slaughter All Thoughts

She Devil

My Demons

How Dare You Be Perfect

And Then Out of the Darkness

The Snow with the Leopard

Vicodin and Pure Vodka

Not Going to Die 

I Get to Watch You Burn

BoHo Fantasies

Can't Let Go

De Fuma in Flammam

50 Shades of Fucked Up

Rip Out The Wings of a Butterfly

I Will Love You...

I Don't Speak Human

Dedication to Lee


Bar Maids

When Angels Dance Among Us

You Make Me Feel Like

Midnight Rendezvous

Carol of the Mist

Locked in Eden 

Offered Upon SeaLegs

Shes In The Cage

Go To Hell

Can You See How I Feel?

Beating Hearts Can't Be Broken

I Was Waiting

When Sand Consumes

I Have A Chance

All My Secrets

Like the Rain

Standing Outside the Fire

Enter My Mind

Along the Forgotten Path

Coffle Control

Warning Bells

Express Your Heart

Hey Pretty Girl

Crying Worthless Tears

Find Escape

Lazy Days of Gor

Welcome to the Fantasy

Temple of Muses

A Rune Amongst the Stones

I'll Wait For You..

Moonlight Is...

Rebelliousness of Her


Wings of a Butterfly

Let It Go

Bones of the Past

And She Promised

When in Rome

My Desire

Below Deck Girl

Beach Comber

Injudicious Whispers

Euphoric Dreaming

Waiting for Jarl

Of Ice and Devotion

Days Like This


Im Gunna Make You Mine

I Love Him

Saint Sommer

Helena Forgotten Beauty of Troy


I Almost Told You

Mary in the Fire


I Am A Gypsy

Foggy Visions

Dances with Stars

Does He?


Flutter By

Geometry of a Slave

Sugar and Spice

Forest Port Princess

Cherries Oh My!

Ocean's n Ribbons

Whore's Pride

My Jewels

Little Kitten

By the Fire

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