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Budget Groups to Join

This page is for you to see what groups I keep in my profile for OceanRequiem. These groups I suggest never leaving. They give out many freebies of quality, and if you are like me, they give you options to play up your looks and keep your avatar updated.

On my posts for the Budget Avatars. If I see a group that gives out a good freebie, but I don't use that group frequently, it will ONLY be posted on that blog where the item/s is shown. Simple!

Established Joined Groups for OceanRequiem

Ebody- Two, 1 Linden bodies available in store! Classic and Curvy

Genesis Lab- Free to join group- Free mesh heads (no bento sorry) + free skins and more

Lara Hurley- Free to join- Group Gifts of skins
Birdy- 150L- Free Group Gifts!- Skins and Accessories
*~Lumae~* - Free to join- Group Gifts of Skins + extras
Used Abused- Free to join Free skins/appliers

7 deadly Skins - 225L to join - Lots of free skins & hair updated often 4 Lucky Boards no group needed, 6 mini mania skin boards - 35 people needed, and 1 midnight mania board

Ikon VIP- Free to join- Group Gifts of free quality Eyes every so often
 Avi-Glam- Free to join- Free eyes and other

Pure Poison- Free to join- Free Amazing/Stunning Group gifts - Jewelry
Maxi Gossamer Jewelry- Free To join Group- Monthly free jewels

Truth- 300L -New hair every month + free gifts-Fatpacks of hair? WORTH IT!
D!va- Free to join- Free Group Gifts of unique hair
Letluka- Free to join- Amazing group gifts of mesh hair
      ~Tableau Vivant~ - 50$Linden to join and free group gifts of mesh hair
Magicka - 150$L +select free hairs at store, possibly updated

Sexy Princess - Free to join free gifts in back of store (Free Ebody gifts)
Blueberry store- 20 Linden to join group- has free gifts and flat feet shoes 
Enemy Smile - ebody clothes and sometimes free gifts Free to join

     WomenStuff = 50L to join- Free Hunts/Quality Gifts - can't go wrong
    SL frees & Offers- Free to join- Updates to free things and group freebies in MANY stores
FitMesh Fanatics - Free to join- Free ebody dress at Sexy Princess Mainstore
SUBSCRIBE (you dont have to join a group to subscribe)
Established Joined Groups for BjornWikstrom


 (Red) Sand - FREE to Join- Awesome gifts, Skins + Accessories+ Clothing
7 Deadly S[K]ins- 225L inden to join- Free Group Gifts of quality skins
Tableau Vivant-  50 Linden- Free Amazing group gifts!
!BAAH!MEN!- Amazing Shapes (Can Mod)- FREE

Ikon- FREE to join- Free Group Gifts

**Dura** - Free to Join and Free group Gifts of Hair
~Tableau Vivant~ - 50 Linden to join and free group gifts of mesh hair
Dragonfly Designs- Free hair - Free to Join
[American Bazaar] - Free clothing - free to Join

[ D Y N A S T Y ] - Free to Join and Free Group Gifts of Clothing/Accessories
Brauva Homme- 100Linden to Join- Notices for Free group Gifts
Mr. Bloch- Free to Join- Group Gifts
XIJA- Free To Join -Free group Gifts
Yasum Designs- Free to join- Free clothing+ Accessories
::Gabriel:: -Amazing Clothes- Free group gifts!
>>>Poison<<<- Clothing - Free to Join

Manly Monday Shoppers Group- FREE to Join!
MenStuff- 50 Linden to join - Free Stuff sent out in notices and group chats! Worth joining
SL Frees & Offers- Free to join- A LOT OF free LMS/Things sent out in group chat/notices
The Mens Department SL- Free To Join

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