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Saturday, 10 September 2016

Rain Down On Me

The Avatar: Jammy Dodger

"What is going on?" asked the Archon's man.
"Nothing, Master," I said.
"If you delay slaves in their errands, and they are late," he said, "they might be whipped."
"I am sorry, Master," I said.
"Why did you delay her?" he asked.
"I wanted her to read the sign posted over my head," I said.
"Why didn't you ask me?" he asked.
"I was afraid," I said. "You did not read it to me. I thought then perhaps you did not want me to know what it said."
"And, without determining whether that was true or not," he said, "you nonetheless sought, perhaps thereby circumventing my will, to determine its contents?"
"Yes, Master," I said. "Forgive me, Master!"
"You should be whipped," he said.
Kajira of Gor     Book 19     Pages 223 - 224

(See this is why in BTB I had the law- you are *not* to interupt a slave in service.. if she is lying or not- that is where the creative RP comes in :) 

Enjoy! Gor should be more simple- elegant- and fun.

~*The Body*~
You wanted it to be picture perfect
It's not over,
You don't have to throw it away.

Skin: -Glam Affair -( Lelutka Heads ) LiuLy ( Asia ) 03

Shape: [STICKY] New Shape (still in progress)

Eye Brow Shape: [STICKY] New Brow (tech. none-w/Lelutka Head)

Hair Base: Lelutka applier that comes with head

Hair: [monso] My Hair - Yua_M /Mixed

Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes - Rustic - In Mesh

~*The Cosmetics and Add Ons*~
 So scream if you wanna, shout if you need
Just let it go (take it out on me)
Fight if you need to, smash if it helps you
Get control (take it out on me)

Head: Lelutka Mesh Head-STELLA

Lashes: Lelutka Mesh Head Hud- Comes with Lash Options

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.4

Finger Nail Polish: [LB Whiplash1] *Slink* Mani/Pedi

Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Elegant 1 - XSmall

Feet: Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) S - Flat

~*The Accessories*~
 You try to move, try to move
But you don't wanna lose

Wreath: =Zenith=Chrysanthemum Corolla

Collar: Kibitz - Duo thick necklace - open collar - gold

~*The Ensemble*~
So afraid, so afraid
You don't want it to fade

Camisk: [Maitreya] The Secret Store - Sonia T-Shirt Dress - Emerald @ 21

Sandals: Ingenue :: Artemis Sandals :: Sand

~*The Props and Poses*~
It's not worth it
It's not workin'
You wanted it to be picture perfect
It's not over,
You don't have to throw it away.


Pose 1: an lar [poses] The Anais Mini Series - Free

Pose 2: an lar [poses] The Polly Mini Series - Free

Pose 3: an lar [poses] The Polly Mini Series - Free

Pose 4: an lar [poses] Being Miss Red Series - Free

Pose 5: an lar [poses] The Puck Mini Series - Free

Pose 6: an lar [poses] Being Miss Red Series - Free


Kitty/Giani: ADI - Hold the Angry Cat (Market Place Only)

Basket: *{Junbug}* White Roses Basket

Enjoy! <3

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