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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Little Things That Kill

Avatar Credits: Bourbon Arcana

It has been a long time since I have posted, forgiveness. 

Meanwhile in real life I have been chosen to help with a new cardiac unit
of the hospital. I will help review, train, and write policies for the new unit. 
I am very excited! <3 

Plus, who knows what might be in store here very soon. A wedding perhaps?
No idea. We shall see.

Back to Blogging. 

This is from Soedara. You CAN NOT go wrong
with this bondmaid outfit. Seriously, 
it has everything and then


~*The Body*~

Skin: Lumae :: Niska : 1 - Pearl :: Bare {Freck/GingBrow}

Shape: [STICKY] KitKat

Eye Brow Shape: [STICKY] KitKat Suggest Brow Shape

Hair Base: None

Hair: !Pepe Hair - Evelyn (with Clip)

Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes - Armor (M) - FREE Colour! w/group tag (also free to join)

~*The Cosmetics and Add Ons*~

Lashes: Mynx Legend/Candy Mountain . Flutter Falsies .

Eye Liner: Pekka. Eyeliner #5 version 2
Eye Shadow: -Glam Affair - Elit eyes makeup - 8
Body:  Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.4
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual - XSmall
Nail Polish: [LB FrenchGildedFrostColor] *Slink* Manicure - ALL  NailPolishes 25 LINDEN
*Slink Nails
*Belleza Nails
*Maitreya Nails
~*The Accessories*~
Circlet: ~Soedara~ Bondmaid Solveig Circlet -Silver-
Armbands: ~Soedara~ Bondmaid Solveig Armbands -S-
Arm Warmers: ~Soedara~ Bondmaid Solveig Armwarmers -S-
Ring: [The Forge] Promise Ring, (Gold/S), (Gesture)
Necklace: ~Soedara~ Bondmaid Solveig Necklace - Glass Shard
Cape: ~Soedara~ Bondmaid Solveig Cape -M- 1 

Belt 1: ~Soedara~ Bondmaid Solveig //Less straps// Belt & Pouch

Belt 2: ~Soedara~ Bondmaid Solveig Belt & Pouch

Belt 3: ~Soedara~ Bondmaid Solveig Rope Belt -M-

~*The Ensemble*~

Kirtle: ~Soedara~ Bondmaid Solveig Black LeatherC. Symbols -S-

Colours Also shown:
~Soedara~ Bondmaid Solveig {Hide}
~Soedara~ Bondmaid Solveig {Linen Duality}
~Soedara~ Bondmaid Solveig {Linen Lights}
~Soedara~ Bondmaid Solveig {Rough Duality}
~Soedara~ Bondmaid Solveig {Rough Earth}
Boots:  ~Soedara~ Bondmaid Solveig Leg Warmers /Black/Br-shinpad/ -M-

~*The Props and Poses*~


Pose 1: EP - Evie #1 - FREE

Pose 2: EP - Evie #2 - FREE

Pose 3:  EP - Evie #3 - FREE

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