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Monday, 2 March 2015

Boredom Overcomes the Best of Us

Avatar Credits: Jammy Dodger

I got bored... and I was listening to Eminem.. So I blogged. 

This is totally an out of Gor outfit. Enjoy! 
I did. :)

~*The Body*~
"I don't understand
Why are you being so mean?
You're mean mean man"

Skin: Lara Hurley-Fae gloss /Milky

Shape: [STICKY] Twinkee

Eye Brow Shape: [STICKY] Twinkee Suggested brows

Hair Base: *EF* Malaysian Lace Front Caps (Hairbase) - Black

Hair: *PH* 8017 full - Black

Eyes: IKON Ascension Eyes - Glass (ML)

~*The Cosmetics and Add Ons*~
"You are just jealous of me
Cuz you, you just can't do what I do
So instead of just admitting it
You walk around and say
All kinds of really mean things
About me cuz you're a meanie, a meanie"

Eye Brows: Lara Hurley-Fae black eyebrows/Milky

Eye Liner * Lip Stick:  .Pekka. Dark Makeup - Eyeliner & red lips

Lashes: Mynx Legend/Candy Mountain . Fluffy Falsies .

Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Elegant - XXSmall

~*The Accessories*~
"You're droolin, you have tooth decay
Your mouth is open, you're disgusting
What the fuck you eat for lunch
A bunch of sweets or something, what?
You munch a bunch of Crunch 'N Munch?
Your tooth is rotten to the gum
Your breath stinks, wanna chew some gum?"

Necklace: *Epic* Melty Heart.Lock Necklace {Coal} RS

Bracelets: FEMALE =B  (L)  [MANDALA]OKAKI Bracelet/Black
FEMALE=A  (R)  [MANDALA]OKAKI Bracelet/Black

~*The Ensemble*~
"Why do I always sense this undeniable tension
From the moment that I enter into the room
It gets all quiet and whispers
Whenever theres conversation, why am I always mentioned?
I've been dying to ask, it's been itchin' at me"

Bra Top: -Pixicat- Cheeky.Top (xxs)

Overalls: Emery Oswald Dungaree Faded Blue_Small

Flannel: Emery Lumberjack Shirt Around The Waist 03_Small

Boots: .DirtyStories. Cutie Rain Boots

~*The Props and Poses*~
"This is between me and you, I know you're not happy
I know you'd much rather see me lying in the corner of a room somewhere crying
Curled up in a ball tweeked out of my mind dying"

(Not In Order)

Pose 1: Kirin - Yuka Pose 1

Pose 2: Kirin - Yuka Pose 2

Pose 3: Kirin - Yuka Pose 3

Pose 4: Kirin - Yuka Pose 4

Pose 5: Kirin - Yuka Pose 5

Pose 6: Kirin - Yuka Pose 6

LMFAO. Been a fun post. 

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