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Monday, 16 February 2015

Tiny Monster

Avatar Credits: Bourbon Arcana

The Panthers are Back
"We do not accept slave girls among the women of the forest," said Verna proudly.
     "I am not a slave girl!" I cried.
     Verna regarded me. "How many of us do you count?" she asked.
     "Fifteen," I told her.
     "My band," said Verna, "consists of fifteen. This, it seems to me, is a suitable number, for protection, for feeding, for concealment in the forest." She looked at me. "Some groups are smaller, some larger, but my band," she said, "as I wish, numbers fifteen."
     I said nothing.
     "Would you like to be one of us?" she asked.
     "Yes!" I cried. "Yes!"
     "Untie her," said Verna.
     The choke leash was removed from my throat. My wrists were unbound.
     "Stand," said Verna.
     I did so, and so, too, did the other girls. I stood, rubbing my wrists.
     The girls put down their spears, unslung the bows and quivers from their shoulders.
     The light of the three moons filtered through the trees, speckling the glade.
     Verna removed her sleen knife from her belt. She handed it to me.
     I stood there, holding the knife.

Brand news from Soedara!!!
~*The Body*~

Skin: -Glam Affair - Sia Polar - 07 G - Collabor88

Shape: [STICKY] Still Editing..

Eye Brow Shape: -Glam Affair - Sia -Suggest - eyebrown shape 1

Hair Base: EF- Malaysian Lace Front Caps (Hairbase) - Black

Hair: .ploom. Twilla (Streaked) - Indecisive

Eyes:  IKON Ascension Eyes - Parchment (ML)

~*The Add Ons and Cosmetics*~

Lashes: Candy Mountain - . Flutter Falsies . (MP Link)

Eye Liner: .Pekka. Combo 2 - Eyeliner #5

Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual - XXSmall R

~*The Accessories*~

Headdress:~Soedara~ Nudzahui Mesh-Feather Headdress

Collar: .:a:. Dangara -COLLAR- RARE @ Fantasy Gacha

Necklace: .:a:. Dangara -NECKLACE- RARE @ Fantasy Gacha

Armbands: ~Soedara~ Nudzahui Upper Arm bracelet

Bracers: ~Soedara~ Nudzahui Bracer 

Bracelet: ~Soedara~ Nudzahui Bracelet-L

Claws: [EZ] Slave Claws MAIN -novo2.06  (Slink Casual)

Back Pack: ~Soedara~ Nudzahui Tribal Arrow Backpack

Bow: ~Soedara~ Nudzahui Tribal Bow

Leg Bag: ~Soedara~ Nudzahui Thigh Bag

Thigh Rings: ~Soedara~ Nudzahui Thigh Rings

War Horn: *OAL*   /    *SP* RPGear - War Horn Sheath  - Ultra - Blk  (C)

This outfit truly comes with so many options, and optional body paint! Awesome!

~*The Ensemble*~

Cape: ~Soedara~ Nudzahui Fur Cape Short - also comes in Long

Top: ~Soedara~ Nudzahui Top Shown in White and Black - so many other colours available

Skirt: ~Soedara~ Nudzahui Skirt Shown in White and Black - so many other colours available

Boots: ~Soedara~ Nudzahui / Strapped Boots

~*The Props and Poses*~

(Not In Order)

Pose 1: .ploom. Nicki - 2 Curvy

Pose 2: .ploom. Hiss -5 Curvy

Pose 3: .ploom. Hiss -3 Curvy

Pose 4:  .ploom. Mvment - 3 Curvy 

Pose 5: .ploom. Glare - 3 

Pose 6: .ploom. Notion - 1 Curvy 

Thank you <3


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