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Friday, 23 January 2015


Avatar Credits: Bourbon Arcana

All you would need for this outfit is a modesty top and a veil (If required by your sims rules)

Hilda, of course was a free woman. For her to heel was an incredible humiliation.
The Forkbeard started off again, and then again stopped. Again, Hilda followed him as before.
"She is heeling!" laughed Ottar.
There were tears of rage in Hilda's eyes. What he said, of course, was true. She was heeling. On his ship the Forkbeard had taught her, though a free woman, to heel.
Marauders of Gor     Book 9     Page 123

Sometimes you just have to go with the flow! :) 

And going with the flow has been pretty much my new established way of life. I have found
that I am spending less and less time on Second Life. I find I am gripping reality
more and more. Seeing, feeling, touching, tasting.. the bitter-sweet 
life I am living. I was thinking last night, I think I will
continue with my novel. Here's to the future.

~*The Body*~
"I want you to remember
A love so full it could send us all ways
I want you to surrender
All my feelings rose today
And I want you to remain.."

Skin: -Glam Affair - Sia II Ice - Polar tone 03 A

Shape: [STICKY] -Working in progress

Eye Brow Shape: -Glam Affair - Sia II Ice - Suggested Brows

Hair Base: None

Hair: .ploom. Honey - Monotone

Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes - Glass (ML)

~*The Cosmetics and Add Ons*~
 "I want you to remember
Everything you said
Every driven word
Like a hammer, hell, to my head"

Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual - XXSmall L

Eye Liner: .Pekka. Eyeliner Combo 2 - #5

Lashes:  Candy Mountain - Flutter (Link to MP Store)

~*The Accessories*~
" We're of the hollow men
We are the naked ones
We never meant you harm
Never meant you wrong
I'd like to thank
All of my lovers, lovers, lovers"

Headdress: .aisling. Savage Winter Crown {Snow} -NoMaterials- @ The Secret Affair

Circlet: .Keystone. Jessica - Silver {Red}

Necklace-Collar: [The Forge] Rosana Necklace (Silver) @ The Secret Affair

B Necklace: .Luminary. Boleyn Necklace - B

Bracelets: [The Forge] Boadicea's Bracelets, Lower Arm (White)

Shoulder Scarf: .aisling. Lyall Scarf -Light 1- @ The Secret Affair

Shawl: *Junbug* Vintage Fur Wrap in Snow - M

~*The Ensemble*~
"The chemicals between us
The walls that lie between us
Lying in this bed
The chemicals displaced
There is no lonelier place
Than lying in this bed"

Dress:  *{Junbug}* Betty's Gown [Bridal Brocade] - S @ Collabor88

~*The Props and Poses*~
"The chemicals between us"

(Not In Order)

 Pose 1: :: Focus Poses Casual Girl 3_1 ::

Pose 2: :: Focus Poses Casual Girl 3_3 ::

Pose 3: :: Focus Poses Femme Fatale_1::

Pose 4: :: Focus Poses Femme Fatale_3::

Pose 5: Bounce This Poses - Candy 1

Pose 6: Bounce This Poses - Candy 4

Thank yous <3

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