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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Wings of a Butterfly

Avatar Credits: Bourbon Arcana

*Note* I am working on a new Budget outfit for a male avatar- I am struggling to find good items for men, but I am getting there, patience!

Up Coming Events!
Fantasy Faire - 2 Days to go!

The Fantasy Gacha- 5 Days to go!

We <3 Rp! - 5 Days for May Round to Begin

The Pose Fair

The Fantasy Collective! - Pirate Themed!

The Seasons Story

The Fantasy Room

The Big Show - Mostly for Lolas n' Butts

Cosmetic Summer Fair 15-30th of April

L'Accessories - Event for Random Accessories!

The Men's Department

The Dressing Room Fusion

Genre- The Big Band

The CountDown Room


 She Stood very still, facing the couch, at its foot. She was a bond-maid. She was property. She was owned. "Force me," she whispered. Bond-maids know they are chattel, and relish being treated as such. Deep in the belly, too, of every female is a desire, more ancient than the caves, to be forced to yield to the ruthless domination of a magnificent , uncompromising male, a master; deep with in them they all wish to submit, vulnerably and completely, nude, to such a beast.
Marauders of Gor, p.136 

~*The Body*~

Skin: Glam Affair - Romy skin - Base ( America )

Shape: .Pekka. Antonella female shape

Eye Brow Shape:  Soiree - Sloane Brow Shape

Hair Base: None

Hair: .ploom. Quinnie (Streaked) - Browns 2

Eyes: {D.A} Sinistre - Murdered Brown

~*The Cosmetics and Add Ons*~

Eye Lashes: Candy Mountain - Fluffy (Link to MP Store)

Hands: Slink -Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual - XXSmall R w/appliers

Eye Shadow: R.icielli - Gold Shadow

Eye Liner: *League* Classic Wing EyeLiner 3 Tattoo <~ Was a gift at the skin fair

Eye Brows:Glam Affair - Romy Brow ( America ) 01 G

Nose: Glam Affair - Romy Nose ( America ) 03

Blush: Glam Affair - Romy Cheeks ( America ) 03

~*The Accessories*~

Wreath:  *OAL* Butterfly Circlet - Preview for The Fantasy Gacha

Necklace: Pure Poison @ Limited Bazaar - My Mechanical CatSoul - Necklace

Pauldrons:  *OAL* Butterfly Pauldron & Metal shown - Preview for The Fantasy Gacha

Bracers: *OAL*Butterfly Bracer - Preview for The Fantasy Gacha

~*The Ensemble*~

Kirtle/Gown: *{Junbug}*   The Succubus in Golden - M UNCOMMON - From 30L Love & War

~*The Props and Poses*~

(Not In order)

Pose 1: Captivity Co.- Vintage 16 @The Pose Fair

Pose 2: :: Focus Poses Cute Azz_1 :: @The Pose Fair

Pose 3: Captivity Co.- Lusty 8 @The Pose Fair

Pose 4: ::TI:: Fashionista pose 3-2 @The Pose Fair

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