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Friday, 4 April 2014

Tawdry Beginnings

Avatar Credits: Bourbon Arcana

Some free girls, runaways, vagabonds, girls of no family or position, live about port cities, scavenging as they can, begging, stealing, sleeping at night in crates and under bridges and piers. They are called the she-urts of the wharves. Every once in a while there is a move to have them rounded up and collared but it seldom comes to anything.
Explorers of Gor     Book 13     Page 47

The Secret Affair   For More Information!!

30L Anniversary Fair- Love and War - 2nd to 6th April

~*The Body*~

Skin: *League* Jen Suntan Natural (Cleavage C)

Shape: .Pekka.  Clemense Female shape

Eye Brow Shape: -Glam Affair- Magenta - Suggest eyebrows 01

Hair Base: None

 Hair: >TRUTH< Briony - raven

Eyes:  IKON Promise Eyes - Oak (M)

~*The Cosmetics and Add Ons*~

Eye Lashes: Candy Mountain - Fluffy (Link to MP Store)

Hands: Slink - Hands - Casual w/applier

Feet:Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) M - Mid

~*The Accessories*~

NEW! Circlet 1:  *OAL* Woven Crown *Secret Affair Sneak Peek!*

NEW! Circlet 2:  ~Soedara~ The Wenches Circlet

Neck Bow: *BOOM* Precious Bow Collar (neck) pitch

Necklace: .:MANNA:. Elenween Necklace II (L) (Spine)

Armor:  *OAL* Dragon Bracers Arm & Shoulder

Ankle Bows:  :FY: Ankle Bows (purple)

~*The Ensemble*~

NEW!! Ragged Dress:  ~Soedara~ The Scurvy Wench 2 -M-

~*The Poses and Props*~

(Not In Order)

Pose 1: double take:  catherine

Pose 2: double take: Silent Judgement

Pose 3: EP -Elements

Pose 4: Picture This Hail to the Princess 1

Pose 5: Picture This Hail to the Princess 4

Photos Shot at The Port Of Kassau Build by Minx Ashton

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