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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Where B the Rum?

Avatar Credits: Bourbon Arcana

 For several weeks, I had moved from one river town to the next, examining slave markets and attempting to obtain information on the whereabouts of the pirate, Kliomenes. Understandably I encountered few willing informants. Many people, I was sure knew more of this fellow then they admitted. His name, and that of his captain, Policrates, were apparently feared on the river. These river pirates were not, it must be understood, a few scattered crews of cutthroats. Various bands had their own strongholds and ships. It was not unusual that a single captain had as many as three or four hundred men and eight to ten ships. Similarly there were relationships among these bands, division of territory and alliances. They were a power on the river.
-Rogue of Gor


NEW: The Pose Fair

NEW: The Fantasy Collective! - Pirate Themed!

The Seasons Story

The Fantasy Room

We <3 Rp!

The Big Show - Mostly for Lolas n' Butts

Cosmetic Summer Fair 15-30th of April

L'Accessories - Event for Random Accessories!

The Men's Department

The Dressing Room Fusion

Genre- The Big Band

The CountDown Room

~*The Body*~

Skin: .Birdy. Daenerys Skin ~Pure~ (bare)

Shape: .Pekka. Antonella female shape

Eye Brow Shape:  -Glam Affair - Candy -  suggest eyebrows 01

Hair Base: None

Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Drake Hair - Ladies - Winter w/hud@ The Fantasy Collective!

Eyes: {D.A} Sinistre -Drowned Blue

~*The Cosmetics and Add Ons~

Eye Lashes: Candy Mountain - Fluffy (Link to MP Store)

Hands: Slink - Hands - Casual w/applier

Eye Brows: Soiree - Sloane Brows #Light Brown (Link to MP)

Eye Shadow: .Pekka. Classy Eyeshadow 2 - Blue

Lip Gloss: .Pekka. Juicy lips Ver 2 - 2

~*The Accessories*~

Hat: *[MeshedUp]*_Pirate Hat_Black - @ The Fantasy Collective!

Circlet: Noodles - Crystal Cove Circlet Gold/Diamond @ The Fantasy Collective!
(Collaboration betweem Deathcore Torok & Natalee Oodles)

Eye Patch: Sweet Poison - The Salty Dog Eye Patch (Left) Leather@ The Fantasy Collective!

Necklace: 22769 ~ Seven Seas Necklace Brass/White Pearls@ The Fantasy Collective!

Hook Hand: ~The Library~ Captain Hook-Serrated Silver  @ The Fantasy Collective!

~*The Ensemble*~

Top: Gawk! Black Simple Cotton Body A Upper

Pants: Gawk! Black Cotton Tights B

Corset: ~CD~ Corset Cyan M @ The Fantasy Collective!

Jacket: Peqe - Pirate's Jacket (M) @ The Fantasy Collective!

Peg Leg A &B: (See First Photo)  *OAL* Peg Leg Curvy Right Small & *OAL* Peg Leg Round Right Small @ The Fantasy Collective!

Boot: {AS} Tall Laced Boot Leather Embossed L Blk

~*The Props and Poses*~

(Not in Order)

Pose 1:  tea.s take aturn 4 @The Pose Fair

Pose 2: Exposeur Poses pin up selfie 1 @The Pose Fair

Pose 3:[Ca.Co.] fashion 6 @The Pose Fair

Pose 4: [Ca.Co.] vintage 16 @ The Pose Fair

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