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Wednesday, 2 April 2014


Avatar Credits: Markus Aetius

 I feared I was to be cut to pieces. He struggled, it seemed, to control himself. 'Forgive me, Master!' I wept. I crawled to him, my head down. 'Forgive me, Master!' I wept. I kissed his feet, fervently. He pulled away, in anger. He moved to the side. He kicked me twice, in fury. I returned to him on my belly, and showered my hair upon his sandals, and then again kissed his feet, again and again. 'Forgive me, Master!' I wept, an errant slave, one who had done wrong, pleading for mercy and forgiveness. Magicians of Gor Book 25 Page 312

~*The Body*~

Shape: .Pekka.  Troy Male Shape - Modified


Eye Brows:  .Pekka.  Troy

Hair Base: Action  Hair Base 04 Veganic [Crow]

Hair: Action Paul Veganic HAIR - [Crow]

Eyes:   IKON  - Promise Eyes - Moor (M)

 ~*The Cosmetics and Add Ons*~

Face Fuzz: HERMONY / FACIAL HAIR / 5 O'CLOCK - Darker

Beard: -Labyrinth- Big Beard Base (black)

~*The Accessories*~

Circlet: [The Forge] Celtic Headband, (Worn Black)

Stole: [S] Fur Stole Male M / Charcoal @ The Last Fantasy Gacha Fair (Link is MP store!)

Sword: [EZ] Might of Demacia Sword, Sheath Black)

Shield:  Primus Divine Shield 3.0 (celctic knot)

Bow: [LR]  BlackCarbon Recurve

~*The Ensemble*~

Pants: Sweet Lies Designs - Tyrion Baggy Pants & Boots

NEW!! Shirt: Melodic. Rough Shirt (Untuckd) - L

Boots: LightStar-  Assassin Boots-Black-FULL BOOT

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