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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Like the Rain

Avatar Credits: Jammy Dodger
"On the darkest day there's always light and now I see it too"

Then, in the privacy of his office, as he observes, you strip yourself. You do this as gracefully and as well as you can, without training. You reveal yourself to him completely. You are absolutely naked. He will presumably put you through some simple slave paces, forming some conception of your capacity to move well before men. In the process of this, you are, of course, being assessed. You then, when permitted, kneel. You then humbly beg his permission to bind yourself into slavery before him, thereby making yourself a slave, and, in the context, submitting yourself to him as your first master. You keep your head down, and await his decision.
Mercenaries of Gor     Book 21     Page 417

 Something that has nothing to do with Gor:
Sometimes when you have the time to think, your mind goes through a multitude of different options, avenues, some dark and shadowy, some bright and sunny. Which path is right? The only thing that helps me is putting on a blind fold and following blindly. Perhaps that is the path to true happiness? Who am I to tell. I know for here, for now, right now, I follow a path which is making me put a smile upon my face.

I know that also, the heart was made to be potentially broken, shattered, and destroyed. We begin to know more about us when we have to walk away from a lost relationship. We are strong, the world does not turn off the light, it does not stop spinning, and guess what? We remain breathing. It is a risk, a calculated risk the moment you agree to be that person's significant other. 

Whatever happens, walk with grace, dignity, and respect. Wish well the other party, as a lover still, good wishes, your heart will have more closure if you end well, than end with hating words and flying voices. This, is what I have learned. :) 

~*The Body*~
"Like the Rain, Always Calling for You, I'm Falling for You Now.... "

Skin:  -Glam Affair - Livy skin- India - 01 D
-This is by far one of the best skins from Glam in my opinion, just adorable!

Shape: [STICKY] Fruit Cake Shape (new) - Havent Released It yet

Eye Brow Shape: [STICKY] Fruit Cake Suggested Brows

Hair Base: EF- Malaysian Lace Front Caps (Hairbase) - Black 
(They have a NEW LM but not the exact hair base for sale)

Hair: Lamb. Pandora -Browns

Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes - Fjord (M)

~*The Cosmetics and Add Ons*~
"Like the rain I have fallen for you and I know just why you
Liked the rain always calling for you I'm falling for you now"

Hands:  Slink -Avatar Enhancement Hands - Elegant - XXSmall R w/appliers

Feet:Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) XS - Flat w/appliers

Lashes: Candy Mountain - Dolly (Link to MP Store)

Eye Liner: Pekka. Eyeliner Combo 2 Eyeliner #5

Nail Colour: [ S H O C K ] Slink Unholy Nails - Fingernails HUD (MP Link)
*Love these colours and design!

Piercing: .Pekka Fidelity Piercing - Mouth

~*The Accessories*~
"It's as bright as lightning and I wonder why I couldn't see"

Crown: :{XA} / :(SH): Head Dept - Keeper of Secrets - black (ready to wear)

Circlet:  [Keystone] Ara'nel - Onyx ~NEW~

Collar: Pekka. Thick chain collar - Gold [Scripted]

Necklace: Pekka. Rosario de madera - wood black RARE 1

Bracers: .aisling. -Sadhana- Bracers

Anklets: .aisling. -Sadhana- Lower Legs

~*The Ensemble*~
"And when the night falls on our better days
And we're looking to the sky
For the winds to take us high above the plains
I know that we'll find better ways to look into the eye of the storms that will be calling"

Camisk/Dress/Thing: *+S.F.+* "tonight I'm yours" Corset Mini Dress -Black M

~*The Props and Poses*~
"When I hear it I just can't believe I never liked the rain"

(Not In Order)

Pose 1:  . Infiniti .  - Dust in the Wind - 1 [WEAR]

Pose 2:  . Infiniti .  - Dust in the Wind - 2 [WEAR]

Pose 3:  . Infiniti .  - Dust in the Wind - 4 [WEAR]

Pose 4:  . Infiniti .  - Dust in the Wind - 7 [WEAR]

Pose 5:  . Infiniti .  - Dust in the Wind - 9 [WEAR]

Pose 6:  . Infiniti .  - Dust in the Wind - 3 [WEAR]

Thank you and Enjoy your day! <3

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