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Friday, 12 September 2014

Gor On A Budget -Female 16

Avatar Credits: OceanRequiem

Can be BTB with or without the wrap-boots 
Unsure- take off the boots use the dress as a camisk

In the moment of weakness, there is temptations, cravings, urges for things. The good old battle between destroying balance. When the body wishes nothing more than sleep, and dreams, it is then you must continue to push forward. Whatever happened in your past, what's happening now, was all based on decisions you have made, do not regret, change it. You, and only you, have the power to do so. 

In order to change, some need to be in the correct state of mind, or hit rock bottom, then again there are millions of ways for one to be moved into change. It just so happens, this rambling gypsy is going into another change of circumstance. Change can be scary, but it is necessary, and it is how we move forward, one step at a time. 

I wish everyone balance :)

TOTAL COST: 2 Linden

PLEASE Note! That Milk hair is no longer it is SOONSIKI* - Go to LM and get new group!

~*The Body*~

Skin: -POUDRE- Nicki Rising Shade - Ivory - (FREE GIFT / Join group also free)
Included skin tones: Ivory, Dark, Pale, Sunkiss, Tan with or w/o cleavage 
Also included 2 other brow tattoo colours Dark brown and medium brown

Shape: -POUDRE- Nicki - Shape - (Also Free with the above Skin)
Body Fat - 8
Forehead Angle - 15
Eye Size - 30
Eye Opening - 30
Attached Earlobes - 55
Lip Cleft Depth - 47
Shoulders - 28
Arm Length - 70
Hand Size - 8
Love Handles - 30
Belly Size - 8
Leg Muscles - 47
Leg Length  - 48
Hip Width - 63
Hip Length - 59
Saddle Bags - 51
Knee Angle - 48

Eye Brow Shape:  Essences - jamie eyebrow shape (group gift) - FREE w/skins

Hair Base: None

Hair: SOONSIKI* Hair~Chatter Box -FREE Go Join Group! (All Colours)

Eyes: IKON Hope Eyes - Denim (M) - FREE COLOUR / Free to join VIP Group

~*The Cosmetics and Add Ons*~

Eye Lashes: *BC* Eyelashes 2 - 1 Linden

Liner: Langly - MP gift - eyeliner #1- FREE <~ MP Link to Free Eye liner!

Make Up: ~ R3i ~ Valentine's Day eyeshadow gift - FREE <~ Link to MP

~*The Accessories*~

Chain Necklace: DRD Chain necklace - FREE and free to join Group

Necklace: BB - Flower Necklace - FREE link to mp

Bracelets: DRD Armbands - FREE and free to join Group

~*The Ensemble*~

Camisk/Dress: [Encore] Priscilla Dress M - FREE

Boots: *COCO*_SuedeBoots(Brown) LowerLeg - FREE

~*The Poses and Props*~

AO: AKEYO_NanoAO_Rookie-Female_BOX - 1 Linden

Thank you! <3 And happy Shopping!


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