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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Gor On A Budget - Female 27

Avatar Credits: OceanRequiem

Total Cost of this Avatar:  0 Linden for me
If it costs you anything it would be joining the Glam Affair group.. which you should have done ages ago!

Change of Name for Event: On9- previously L'accessories

This was kinda fun to do, the things came at me as I swung by places. 
Hope you enjoy!

Thank you for your note cards. You are all amazing. 
I do try to keep it simple so you can get the exact look I have, no matter what. 
Cost or no cost. - What you see you can or will get. :P 

~*The Body*~

Skin: Glam Affair -Sophie skin-Asia(Oh my Valentine)F - See "Budget Groups to Join" for price
Group Gift - after you join the group

Shape: [Hush] - Aprile - Shape (new) - FREE! Free to join group
FROM the LAST blog -shape modifications plus:

Height - 32

Body Fat- 9

Head Shape - 62

Eye size- 28

Eye Opening- 17

Mouth Width - 29

Lip Fullness- 33

Mouth Position- 38

Mouth Corner- 39

Arm Length - 65

Leg Muscles- 59

Leg Length- 48

Eye Brow Shape:  Glam Affair -  Sophie Suggest - eyebrown shape 1-comes with skin

Hair Base: Amacci Hairbase Tattoo 2 - Brown Sugar - FREE!

Hair: ""D!va"" Hair "Bambi" (Type A)(Brown diamond) - FREE! Free to join group-Fatpack!

Eyes:   Amacci GreyBrown Eyes - FREE!

~*The Cosmetics and Add Ons*~

Eye Lashes: [Iren]Lashes_3 Tattoo - FREE! free to join group

Eye Liner: Langly - eyeliner #2 (MP link) -FREE!

~*The Accessories*~

Thick Necklace: *MC* Snake Back Necklace #Silver - FREE and free to join group

Necklace: .:*:. Kotolier .:*:. "Le coeur" Necklace(Silver) -FREE from lucky board @ store

Bracelets: MG - Bangles - Damasc - Combo 3 - SILVER - Older FREE gift! free to join group

~*The Ensemble*~

Camisk: NYU - Silk Romper, Nude Floral (Size3) - FREE @ On9- previously L'accessories
Also at On9- Cute free chopstick-diamond earrings-very unique

Boots: *COCO*_SuedeBoots(Brown)_RiggedMesh- FREE and free to join group

~*The Props and Poses*~

(Not In Order)

Pose 1: EP - Juliet #1- FREE subscriber gift

Pose 1: EP - Juliet #3- FREE subscriber gift

Pose 1: EP - Juliet #2- FREE subscriber gift

Thank you and enjoy your weekend!

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