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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Gor On A Budget- Female 9

Avatar Credits: OceanRequiem

So this avatar I just had to check this stuff out. Yeah this is going to be a nude posting, but deal. Slaves, gor, sometimes naked, don't have a heart attack. Alright. So I love fitted mesh bodies okay. I had to see this freebie on set out by The Shops! YES ITS FREE! 0 Linden! As are the feet which come in three types, flat, mid, and high, and so are the hands. So. YAY! FREEBIE MESH BODY. Only thing lacking in this is the mesh head, which I am against. I like my head. Thanks.

When you land at The Shops first- Get yourself the free hud, wear both the Style Mode, for later, and the Shop Destinations Hud. - You will have to TP to the destination with bodies, faces, hands, etc.

The body, feet, and hands come with 36 different skin tones. You MUST wear the "Style mode" That you get for free when you land at The Shops. You must also wear the Style mode when you apply the skins to your feet and hands. 

Bad note, the body only works on their skins. So if you want to by extra skins that look fantabulous with the body, like match your head? You need to fork out the money for a skin, approximately 1,000 Linden. Soo... I took the cheap route which I will explain later.

This body is fitted mesh. You can tweak, expand, grow fat, be thing, explode, do whatever you want. I modified the Jen shape I was wearing last time to look a little chubby. Why not? Looks great!

The look of The Shops fitted mesh body is very realistic. it poses well, it really is a very nice find for free. The only thing I disk like is the neck. On the Style Mode hud that you have to wear, you click the fitted mesh body, and then click "Modify" then you click RETROFIT neck. This will help your neck look better with your head. If you do not have a mesh head like myself, that is. =) 
However, you do get an obvious line, in the neck and body line. Sad, but hey, its free. Shoosh!

Other than that. It's free. Don't complain. Want to pay for the nicer fitted mesh body, expect to pay at least 1750 Linden. =) Okay moving on.

TOTAL: 1 Linden for the eye lashes

~*The Body*~

Skin: Lara Hurley-Gervailse hairbase/Pale- FREE group gift

Shape: Swallow ~ Jenny Shape 
Swallow ~ Jenny Shape (unpacked) with this skin It is a Group Gift -Free

Eye Brow Shape: Swallow ~ Jenny Shape Brows -Free

Hair Base: ""D!va"" Hairbase (Garnet)

Hair: pr!tty - Elle -Free fat pack Group Gift Hair (Check Group history notices hurry!)

Eyes: AG. Summer Sky Eyes. M (June Gift) - join free group for the free gift!

~*The Cosmetics and Add Ons*~

Eye Lashes: *BC* Eyelashes -cherry sautereau- 1 - 1L <~~MP Link to 1L Eye Lashes!

Eye Liner: Langly - MP gift - eyeliner #2- Free <~ MP Link to Free Eye liner!

Body: The Shops #TheMeshProject (BETA) Body(f)  - (used skin tone 9) FREE

Hands:  The Shops #TheMeshProject (BETA) Hands(f) - Relaxed Pose(l) Free

Feet: The Shops #TheMeshProject (BETA) Feet(f) Bare/Low/Mid Free

~*The Accessories*~

Horns: {dollle*} 16 Gift : Horns with Bloody Bandage - Hard -Free Group Gift

Eye Bandage: [The Forge] Bandage Patch F- Free

Nose Chain:  . a i s l i n g .   Simple Nosechain / Black - Free

Collar: [Keystone] Varika'Vys [Silver] - Free

Cuffs: Pure Poison - Locked Hand Cuffs-Free Group Gift

~*The Ensemble*~

Birthday Suit!!

~*The Props and Poses*~

(Not In Order)

Poses 1: [Expressive Poses] Sofy 1 - Free

Poses 2: [Expressive Poses] Sofy2 - Free

Poses 3: [Expressive Poses] Sofy 3 - Free

Poses 4: [Expressive Poses] Sofy 4 - Free


  1. Another brilliant list! We love youuuu

    ~ Lusia

  2. Very welcome!! <3 And I love you all for viewing.