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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Found a Panther Without A

Avatar Credits: Bourbon Arcana + ғΛвı νσп sωΛɢɢᴏsΛᴜʀ ᴊᴜʀΛssɪᴄ (kingfabi.jurassic)

Fabi's Notorious Blog:  Infamously Notorious

 "He should bring a high price from a soft, rich woman," the girl advised us.
      "Yes," granted Rim, "he seems sturdy, and handsome."
     Another panther girl, behind the man, struck him suddenly, unexpectedly, with a whip.
     He cried out in pain.
     His head, a strip from the forehead to the back of his neck, had been freshly shaved.
     The girls had set two poles in the sand, and lashed a high crossbar to them. The man's wrists, widely apart, were, by leather binding fiber, fastened to this bar. He was nude. He hung about a foot from the ground. His legs had been widely spread and tied to the side poles.
     Behind this frame, and to one side, there was another frame. In it, too, hung a miserable wretch, put up for sale by panther girls.
     His head, too, was shaved, in the shame badge.
     "This was the exchange point," said Rim to me, "where I myself was sold."
Hunters of Gor   Book 8   Pages 27

~*ғΛвı νσп sωΛɢɢᴏsΛᴜʀ ᴊᴜʀΛssɪᴄ (kingfabi.jurassic)*~
Helmet: Pucca Firecaster -PFC  @Fantasy Gacha
PFC~Iron Helm – teddy RARE

Fur Stole: Sanya Bilavio  – .: ryvolter :.
Mink Princess Stole – Dark Grey

Armor (arms) : Dais Abonwood -DPD
DPD – Rebel Arms

Skull (right arm): Pucca Firecaster -PFC
PFC~Dragon Slayer – Skull arm

Hood, Chestbelt, Pants, Boots: Braydon Randt -Snatched
Snatched Assassin

Shirt (under the hood): エオ (Eow Reverie) -Ronsem
RONSEM* mt1 / brown

Belt, skirt: Pucca Firecaster -PFC

Shield: Pucca Firecaster -PFC
PFC~Royal Shield

Bow: Pucca Firecaster -PFC
PFC~Dark Whisper

Arrows: Pucca Firecaster -PFC
PFC~Wrap of arrows

Sword: Pucca Firecaster -PFC

Axe: Deccan (Deccan Arida) -The Forge
[EZ] Algard Axe

~*The Body*~
Skin: [HUSH] -Hush Darkrose- Grace - Smokey - Sugar (lb nc)

Shape: My Own- Store Coming Shortly =)

Eye Brow Shape: My Own Store Coming Shortly =P

Hair Base:  [ef] -kiyokomari- Malaysian Lace Front Caps (Hairbase) - Black 

Hair: Magika -Sabina Gully- [Hair S] Wait- Hud 3

Eyes: {D.A} -Soleil Reid-Sinistre - Drowned Blue

~*The Cosmetics and Add Ons*~ 
Eye Lashes: Candy Mountain - mynx legend- Fluffy (Link to MP Store)

Hands: Slink - Siddean Munro -Hands - Casual w/applier

Feet:  Slink -Siddean Munro-  Mid - Feet Mid w/applier

LipStick: *League* -Nena Janus- isla Lipstick -CandyRed

Eye Shadow: +Nuuna+  Nuuna Nitely- Lyre makeup Red

Face Bruises:  Corvus : Lori Stanton- Beaten Up Face Tattoo

Body Bruises: Corvus : Lori Stanton- Body Bruises Lower + Upper

Leg Gashes: Corvus : Lori Stanton- Bloody Knees

~*The Accessories*~

Crown:  . a i s l i n g . -Druunah Esharham-Fangarth Headdress ultra rare@ The Fantasy Gacha!

Necklace:  . a i s l i n g . -Druunah Esharham- Fangarth-Necklace -RARE @ The Fantasy Gacha!

Neck/Collar: . a i s l i n g .. -Druunah Esharham- Fangarth-Collar-/BLACK/@ The Fantasy Gacha!

Scepter:   . a i s l i n g . -Druunah Esharham-Fangarth -Sceptre- RARE@ The Fantasy Gacha!

Arm Bracers:  . a i s l i n g . -Druunah Esharham-Fangarth-Bracers /black@ The Fantasy Gacha!

Leg Bracers:  . a i s l i n g . -Druunah Esharham- Fangarth-Leg/BLACK/@ The Fantasy Gacha!

Cape: [ Stitched ] -adele bumblefoot -Elsa S Black Rare@ The Fantasy Gacha!

~*The Ensemble*~
 Top: PFC~ Pucca Firecaster - Bra (with rags)

Bottom: PFC~ Pucca Firecaster -Tear off - Thong (with rags)

~*The Props and Poses*~
All of Kassau + 3 hours =P

Pose: 8.::Axix:: - Elise Mannequin- Legendary Warrior [Save Me]- Rare

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